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It is an effective 4-in-1 PDF file converting tool. It enables Mac users to read, edit and share PDF ebook documents in more ways instead of the Adobe Reader or Acrobat only by converting PDF to HTML, image, Text, or ePub on Mac.

It doesn't support the conversion from normal PDF to any Microsoft Office documents on a Mac, let alone convert the scanned or encrypted PDF files.

The Verdict
This is a comprehensive Mac PDF Converter which has the capability to convert PDF files to HTML or content release on the web. It also empowers the ability to convert PDF to ePub for better reading experience, turn PDF to regular images to view with any image viewers and even save the contents from PDF to a Text file for better data reuse.



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Doremisoft Mac PDF Converter Reviews

This PDF Converter for Mac is a good assistant for Mac users to optimize book reading experience on most ebook readers by converting PDF to ePub on Mac. Besides, it also enables users to change PDF contents to HTML, image or plain Text files for better content checking or data sharing and reusing. With it, Mac user can have a flexible preservation for partial or entire original layouts and contents of the source PDF files.


  • Supports to turn PDF books to ePUB for more comfortable ebook reading on ebook readers.
  • Enables to convert PDF to HTML for release PDF content on the web.
  • Allows to change PDF to Image format for viewing PDF document on image viewer
  • Makes it possible to edit or reuse PDF files content by converting them to Text files.
  • Enables to load multiple PDF files into the program for batch conversion at one time.
  • Allows to select specific pages or page ranges from each PDF file for partial conversion.
  • Supports flexible preservation for partial or entire original layouts and contents of the source PDF files.

Easy to Use:

  • Concise and intuitive interface made it an easy-to-use software to convert PDF files instantly.
  • Batch conversion of multiple PDF files in one operation save time and effort for Mac users.
  • A standalone PDF tool with no need of installing Adobe Reader, Acrobat, or any other application.

Help & Support:

  • Available Support Center for all products on the official website.
  • Enables a specific software tutorial on the exact product page officially.


Compared to other similar Mac PDF Converters reviewed on this site, this one needs Mac users to pay a higher cost. But it is helpful for users to share PDF content on the web, reuse PDF contained data freely from plain text, check files with image viewers or enjoy PDF as ePub books on handheld devices with more comfortable ebook reading. Even it can't work on the scanned and encrypted PDF documents, it is adequate to convert normal PDF to HTML, Word, ePub or kinds of images quickly and accurately.

System Requirements

  • OS Supported: Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6 or 10.7
  • Processor: Intel 512MHz
  • Hardware Requirements: 256 MB RAM; 100MB or above available hard drive space.

Supported Input and Output File Types

Input File Types
PDF documents without password protection
Output File Types
HTML, Word, ePub, PG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, etc.

Quick Start of Doremisoft Mac PDF Converter

Follow the steps below, you will know how to use this PDF Converter for Mac to convert your PDF files on a Mac with ease.

Step 1: Add PDF files

Click on the top "Add files" button to select and import PDF file(s) from your Mac local folder to the software. After adding PDF files to the program, you can then set the specific page range to be converted.

main interface of doremisoft mac pdf converter

Step 2: Define output settings

This software enables you to convert PDF files to Text, Images, HTML, or ePub as well as it listed in the lower portion of the program. Click to set your wanted output format for the export files. And you can also go to the "Output Folder" section to customize the output destination.

output settings of doremisoft pdf converter for mac

Step 3: Start conversion

After all settings, you only need to click the big "Convert" button to start PDF conversion on your Mac.

Once the conversion process completed, you can then click the "Open" button to check the output files.

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